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grindAll great players and coaches GRIND: GRIND stands for: G-reatness R-esides I-n N-onstop D-etermination. Cody Toppert, our Post-Grad Coach at the Academy is constantly talking about “Grind Guys” and getting your grind on!   It’s the 2014-2015 word for HARD WORK! GRIND is the ability to do it every day, every year, every decade, and the honest truth is, not very many people can grind it out, day in and day out, year in and year out, DECADE IN AND DECADE OUT! I also wanted to give coaches and trainers something to think about.   To build the complete player, you have to get your client to transfer his individual talent to make the team better!  Take your 1 on 1 skills and then “gel” with 4 others.   Many coaches/trainers cannot do this, they teach so many drills, that they lose sight of the skills.  They then get a grasp on the skill but don’t help the player transfer “his game” to his “team game.”  PLEASE DON’T LET THAT BE YOU! So think about this:

Ways to not just be good, but be GREAT!!

1.  Don’t just play as hard as a human, play with superman toughness:

  • You can have the most talented team in the world, you can have the most intelligent team in the world, but if your team doesn’t play TOUGH they will be successful over the course of time but you will never WIN a championship!!
  • You must, before all else, establish and demand that your players play tough.  It must be your identity.  Jay Bilas has a great checklist on toughness. http://www.mdbball.com/Documents/ToughnessbyJayBilas.pdf

 2.  Produce

  • You have to teach your players to be smart, make efficient, and productive plays.
  • After establishing that your team plays hard/tough, you must then teach your players how to play smart. They must have a high “basketball I.Q.”  Your players must learn and buy into the system that you teach and they must learn technique.
  • As a coach YOU HAVE TO HAVE POSITIVE INTERVENTION, you have to correct them and/or coach them on the fly!  Do you have Polaroid eyes, do you see the mistakes and instruct the change? Your players must learn to be students of the game.  We stress the importance of player notebooks and taking notes, EVERY WORKOUT, DO YOU?

3.  Play Together:

  • Finally, after teaching your players to play hard/tough and smart/produce, your players must then learn how to play together.  Your team will have a very difficult time if there isn’t unity among the troops.
  • Do you ever incorporate 3 on 0 workouts and teach 3 man game, “triangle concepts?”  What I mean by that is, in a basketball offensive or defensive action, it happens in 3 and a triangle. So teach 3 on 0 basketball memorization drills. Then get 3 on 3 work in. Give them a set, 3 dribble limit. 4-6 dribble limit off Balls screen and teach your tail off.  This will help the game

4. Final Thought:


Keep getting after it!

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